Auktion 15 CAD

15 CAD


Gratulerar akaash!
Högsta Bud:
SEK 15.52 Senaste Budgivaren

30 Sekunders Timer
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Marknadsvärde :
SEK 88
Pris :
SEK 15.52

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currency auction

SEK 49.12
currency auction

15 CAD - Information

15 CAD for a few cents?

Thats right! You can bid on this BIG, Naughty, Crazy, Exciting and Fantastic auction and win it for ONLY a few cents.

If you never bet - You will never get!

The auction price must reach a minimum of 0.20 USD to make the auction sale valid. If the auction closes below 0.20 USD, everyone gets their bids back and no one wins the auction.

What you waiting for? 

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Information om auktionen

Auktions ID:
Auktions typ:
Normal Auktion
Budgiving startar vid:
SEK 0.08
Fri, Aug 4th 2017, 02:00:00
Sun, Aug 13th 2017, 18:17:53
Avgifter :


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