Tips & Strategies

Here you will find tips and strategies for your bidding!

*This is a general guide and is not giving any guarantees*

  1. Spend some time and study some auctions to get an understanding of how it works.
  2. Read our FAQ and terms and conditions to get a better understanding of the rules.
  3. Go through and find out what the price of the most recent auctions have ended up on the average. Follow up a few auctions to improve your strategies.
  4. Choose an auction that you are interested in and have focus on one at a time. With this method, you will increase your chances of winning an auction.
  5. Look at the auction time, when the timer is under 30 seconds, each new bid will restart the timer by 30 seconds.
  6. Be careful to bid at the last moment. Since different bidders have different internet connections so it may encounter delays with signal transmission. Bid on time!
  7. Prepare yourself, put a roof that you are willing to pay for an auction.
  8. Make sure you have enough bids before you participate in a bidding.
  9. Start with the "Beginner" auctions to get a feel of how the bidding are working. Aim at the major auctions when you are more experienced.
  10. View bid history to see the last 10 bids placed and the type of bid they are, Single bid or Bid Agent.
  11. Bid agent is a great tool to use when you cannot sit in front of the computer.
  12. Follow up the auctions for a time in the "closed auctions" to improve your strategies.
  13. Beware when using the "Bid Agent". Calculate the amount bid you are willing to spend on an auction before you activate your "Bid Agent" as one of your strategies.
  14. Remember that you will increase your chances if you have enough bids for a bidding.

Now you are ready for a successful bidding!